On September 20, 2008, we lost Michael S., a valued member of the Oregon lawyers network. The following is just one of many emails and letters remembering Michael and expressing the loss we all feel:


Just wanted to take this quiet Autumn moment to send our sincere condolences. The personal notes regarding Mike were so warm and touching and positive -- just like Michael S.


We will forever recall his smiling Irish mug at each first greeting of our conferences here and there. When the proper moment arose, he was known to wear his heritage on his sleeve -- but not so much that you would notice. The Irish have several expressions for the Michael S. type of man. First, they would say he was and is, "an original." The mold was broken when he was formed. Also, after observing his "way with words and folks" they would confront him and tell him that his "Irish was showing" for his special manner and smile that "could charm the birds out of the trees."


Although not one of the golfers, I awaited his sly annual repartee about the Humility Cup. He knew how to deliver a posture of puzzlement when the hallowed trophy disappeared. Then, Michael skillfully gathered a collective wink from an audience of mostly non-golfers sharing the non-secret.


Our Michael was fond of celebrating Don M. as his "Relationship Sponsor" with no further explanation necessary. Among my cherished moments was Michaelís sharing his story with The Other Bar at the Catamaran in San Diego. He told us what it used to be like, what happened and how it is now. The group had heard many stories, but Michaelís inspiration was heartfelt and contagious. Afterward, when thanking Michael for his sharing I commented that he truly had the gift of a golden tongue. Without hesitation he provided the classic response, "Ah yes, but one should only use it for good things." He did.


Condolences to his family, his Oregon colleagues, and all of us touched by him. I shall be forever grateful for having known our Michael S., an original and a gentle man.


Bill K.


Note: For images of Michael, please go to the Photo Gallery on this site.