International Lawyers in Alcoholics Anonymous is a group of recovered lawyers and judges carrying the message of recovery within our profession. Our purpose is to act as a bridge between reluctant (in denial) lawyers/judges and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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 BridgeIf you would like to learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous please visit: http://www.aa.org. Local AA meetings for recovering lawyers are held across the country. Click on the button on the right labeled [Local Meetings] to find a meeting near you. Or you can click on the Contact Us button and send us an email and we will put you in contact with a recovering laywer in your area.

2018 ILAA Conference

The 2018 ILAA Annual Conference will take place in Charleston, South Carolina. Dates, hotel information, registration forms, and payment options will be available on the Conference page of this web site in the next few months. Hope to see you there!

Message from the Chair

I’m late reporting on our experiences at our Annual Conference held in Kansas City, Mo. in September as with Michael Cohen, our webmaster,  died shortly before the Conference.  Many thanks to David Crawford for temporarily taking on this important task.

Kansas City was wonderful – our hosts did a fantastic job; the hotel was great and the people – hosts, attendees including some from CoLAP.  As our previous Chair, Tim Foley said, it’s always the people that make ILAA Conferences great and this year was no exception.

A special thanks to the speakers arranged by the Organizing Committee.  I know I enjoyed their messages.  There were a myriad of meetings to attend as well.  During our free time, if you weren`t doing meetings, food and the sights of Kansas City were available.  My wife and I particularly enjoyed the free tram, and while wandering through Union Station we came upon the most fantastic model railroad display.

At the Business Meeting there was an outstanding issue of the amount of Scholarship Funds.  I have since received updated information (which excludes Kansas City) showing a balance of $3,853.31.  Kansas City has not yet fully reported but we do know that $1,974 was collected from the Saturday Night basket.  From that amount will be deducted Scholarships paid for Kansas City. 

The group also discussed the matter of our Membership aging and that we need more new young members.  One idea was how to raise more funds for scholarships to be available to younger members of our profession who cannot afford to attend because of the cost, particularly hotel and transportation costs.  Currently scholarships are available to cover registration fees, but little else.  A suggestion was made for members to canvas their local LAP’s and Bar Associations to see if some one time donations could be made for this purpose.  The power of connection through ILAA is amazing, and if we can attract younger members we will continue to grow.  I will continue with the previous stated mission to have more first time attendees at the next Conference in Charlotte, South Carolina.

On that note, save the dates of our 2018 National Conference for Lawyer Assistance Programs:  September 28-3, 2018, at the Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina.  More details will be posted on our website in the future.  

Your Trusted Servant, Barry Kerfoot


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